Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling Somers CT Avon, CT

Kitchen Remodeling Services in Farmington, Avon, Somers & Hartford, CT

Your Kitchen Is Getting Cramped - Let's Fix That

The way we've used our kitchens has changed dramatically over the last decade. Your home simply wasn't designed with a modern kitchen in mind. For instance, with so many modern appliances, counterspace can become quite scarce. The good news is you can find top-notch kitchen remodeling services in Farmington, Avon, Somers & Hartford, Connecticut.

New England Construction & Home Improvement LLC can design and construct a new layout that will fit all your kitchen's components comfortably. Learn more about our turnkey kitchen remodeling services by calling 833-632-8453 right away.

Kitchen Bathroom Remodeling Somers CT Avon, CT

How to plan your bathroom remodel

When you're deciding which of our bathroom remodeling services to take advantage of, make sure you...

  • Switch out your shower: Replace that tired bathtub combo with a custom tile shower.
  • Refresh your flooring: Worn tile and faded linoleum have no place in your new bathroom.
  • Change your cabinets: Get more storage space with a double vanity sink.
  • Lose the old lighting: Hide your bathroom's real age by replacing that dated light fixture.

Contact our office to discuss our bathroom remodeling services in Somers or Farmington, CT today.


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